Thursday, March 22, 2012

18 Months!

Easy-E is 18 months old!  Here's a little of what he's been up to these days...

-He runs everywhere, even if where he's going is only a few steps away.  You know, because he can.
-His signing is really picking up ever since he's started watching his Signing Time DVDs.  He knows milk, apple, banana, water, mom, dad, baby, fish, cat, dog, bird, please, sorry, want, cookie, candy, poop, wet, dry, boy, help, all done, eat, hungry, cheese, ice cream, more, stars, night, cracker.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  I'd also like to point out that some of those things (ice cream, candy, etc), he's never had...but still knows the signs for them :)
-Sweet grape tomatoes, pears, bananas and strawberries are among his favorite treats lately.
-Going to the zoo is super-fun now - he LOVES the flamingo/duck area and anything in a tank of water, like the pygmy hippos (with all the fish) and the snake-neck turtles.
-Reading books is at the top of the list of favorite things to do.  His current faves are Green Eggs & Ham, Sleepytime Farm, I Love You Through and Through, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  He's also got favorite pages in those favorite books and can flip through and find them at a moment's notice ;-)
-He's got a love/hate relationship with his bike again.  Some days he climbs in it himself and others he will throw a screaming fit if I try to put him in it.  Eh.
-It's becoming increasingly more difficult to get him out of the bathtub.  He loves bath time.
-He drinks out of cups and water bottles (with some guidance) and occasionally prefers that to a sippy.
-He'll give you a kiss if he likes you :)
-When he's at the petting zoo, he'll "give love" to the goats by laying his hand and head on them, closing his eyes and smiling.  It's so stinkin' cute.
- I love him more than I ever thought possible.  He's the smartest, sweetest, cutest, most amazing little boy I've ever known.  And I tell him every single day.

Here's some pictures of him in his special 18 month onesie!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A recap of sorts

I've been really busy lately.  Not like, productive-busy.  Just busy with all sorts of day-to-day stuff.  That's my excuse for not updating...take it or leave it ;-)

Keeping up with EZ is getting to be like running a marathon, but thankfully, he's fallen into a schedule with sleep and naps...mostly.  I'm knocking on wood here, but I think we're back in the groove :)

Ezra has been learning and doing so much everyday.  His most recent new favorite thing to do is to play with the salad spinner.  He loves to push the plunger down, then lift the top off really fast so he can watch the basket spin.  He gets so excited and laughs when he does it!

The weather has been pretty great lately (with a few cooler days tossed in), so naturally, Ezra & I have been spending more time outside.  Here's Ezra last Saturday at the OB Kite Festival.  He had a great time running around, chasing bubbles & kids & balls.

We took our lunch down to the beach & then spent a little time on the grassy area playing some soccer...

On our way back to the car, we stopped for some ice cream at a local shop.  My Up-All-Night-Espresso ice cream was fantastic, but it was no match for the novelty of Jordan's ice cream waffle sandwich...

In other news...
He's back to loving his bike!

Last Sunday was my birthday.  My 30th birthday, to be exact.  Ouch.
Actually, it was pretty great - and surprisingly, being 30 doesn't suck.  Who knew?  It was a day full of my favorite stuff...We started the day with strawberry pancakes and a mimosa, headed to the beach, picked up some Chinese takeout on the way home and finished it off with ice cream cake from Coldstone.  The best part?  Ezra decided that his present to me would be him suddenly loving the water & waves at the beach!  He walked right in and didn't want to get out (despite the very cold water!).  The only thing he liked as much as that, was playing in the sand.  He could've done it for hours :)  'Twas a good day.