Monday, April 7, 2014

The Lost Photos of Last Fall :)

Did I seriously never put these pictures up?  They begin just before Penny was born, so I totally believe it, but damn.  So here goes…here's a bunch of photos that I now like to call…Fall…The Lost Photos ;-)

We spent a nice Saturday morning/afternoon up in Julian doing a little apple picking.  It was my very first time ever and I LOVED it.  I have never eaten so many apples in one day before, but holy crap, they were SO GOOD.  On the way home, I started having some pretty crazy contractions that were steadily getting closer and closer together.  I started thinking that it was a great possibility that we were having a baby that night/the next morning.  Ultimately, this was not the day Penny would grace us with her presence…but she had me fooled for a few hours :)

Our last "family of 3" photo :)

The fire station up in Julian was wide open and ready for Ezra!  This kid is still obsessed with firetrucks…and getting to "drive" a real firetruck only adds to that fire ;-)

My mom came to visit (and meet Miss Penny!) a couple weeks after she was born.  She just can't get enough of her grandkids and they adore her.
Ezra took Grammy down to the water.  He then wouldn't let her leave :)

Oma's Pumpkin Patch!  This would be our third annual trip there and it didn't disappoint.  LOVE this place!  The kids all have so much fun…and it's crazy that they have all grown so much since their first visit!  
Here's Ez, doing the obligatory cute-photo-posing-with-pumpkins

My boy on the tractor

Dammit, this kid is cute.

"Look mom!  Milkies!" - Ezra

Just take the freakin hay, sheep.  He's not gonna leave you alone until you do ;-)

Much like last year, he had to drive every.single.tractor.

The cow-print one is my fave...

I think he was really finding his inner-farmer.

It's Farmer Ezra!!
He said he wanted to be Hamm from Toy Story :)

Jordan getting Ez all set up on his cotton-hill sled
Me and my babies on the (very stinky) tractor ride through farm.  Penny managed to sleep the whole way…and all through the entire trip, really.  I mean, she's new…she needs to sleep!

Afterward, we hit up the (mediocre, at best) italian place…purely based on tradition.  I mean, you can't really expect much out in the middle of Lakeside, so I'll say that it's…not bad.  They always seem to be incredibly pissy about a big group of people with a ton of kids showing up.  And, I've done the restaurant thing, so I kinda get it…but still.
Here's Ez and a buddy playing the aging arcade game.  They may or may not have been legitimately playing..I'm guessing that only a few quarters were spent during the 20 minutes they spent "playing" ;-)