Monday, April 30, 2012

The No-Tell Motel

So, I finally have more of an excuse for not updating often.

Back when my dad was visiting, we had a bathroom sink pipe leak "situation."  We should have known that something in the house would break...because every time my dad is in town, something breaks or requires a major overhaul.

This pipe-breaking-situation caused us to not use our bathroom sink for about 4 days before anything could get fixed (stupid, stupid management company.  See also:  "reasons why I hate renting")  In this time, we discovered some other issues that turned out to be HUGE clues to a major mold problem.

After a whole lot of ridiculous foot-dragging by our landlords, we were finally visited by a restoration company who decided, within minutes, that a complete renovation was necessary and that we needed to be out ASAP.  As in, they showed up at about 8:45am and by 10am, we were grabbing a few things and heading to a hotel.

That was on the 18th.  We just heard back that clearance has been given to begin plumbing and electrical work.  Then the new kitchen cabinets and counters can be installed, then the bathroom can be put back together, then the cleaning, then we can move back in.

I know this falls into the category of First World Problems and I shouldn't complain.  I know.  But living on top of each other in a hotel is getting frustrating.  Seriously.  Two dogs, a curious toddler, and two adults.  Just going back and forth to the house to do diaper laundry is enough to piss me off now.  And we still don't have a projected move-back-in-date...just that it should be soon.  Eh.

I thought Ezra and I spent a lot of time outside of our house before all of this mess.  Now, I try to spend almost every waking moment out of the hotel room.  The poor kid just can't help but to get into trouble here.  He has taught himself to climb on everything and has learned to perch himself on the arm of the couch, on his toes, to try to touch things that are just out of reach.  It's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Anyway, that's what's been happening lately.

For getting through that, here's some pictures from our most recent day at the zoo.  We went sans stroller or bike and I left my wrap in the Ez was a big boy and did a ton of walking.  He really loved it and it was nice not to have to strap him down only to take him back out to look at stuff.

Notice his fingers in Jordan's ears.  Apparently, it was mildly painful.

EZ and me, checking out a monkey or two.

The kid LOVES escalators all of varieties.  This one took a moment or so to get used to, but he loved it just the same.

 I didn't notice Ez digging into my shirt while the photo was being taken.  Let's just pretend not to notice it now....

 You can see how tightly I'm holding on to him, right?  Clearly, he has no fear when it comes to being up so high (we're on the SkyFari) and wanted only to peer over the edge at the treetops...and not smile for the camera.

Until I looked away.  At which point, he laughed and giggled for Jordan.
Damn, he's a cute kid.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

19 Months!

Ezra is 19 months old!  He's such a big boy and I'm sad he's growing up so fast...but he's so much fun that it makes up for it :)

What's Easy-E up to lately, you ask?

-His favorite food is broccoli.  Loves it. 

 -He got an iPad from my brother, his Uncle Josh.  I don't even have an iPad.  His favorite apps are I Hear Ewe (animal and automobile sounds),  Curious George's Zoo, and the KPBS video app.  He's already learned to be very gentle with it and was already a pro at the touch screen, thanks to his playing with my phone :)

-He's starting potty training!  I was going to wait until he started talking, just to decrease the frustration.  But, he spends so much time without a diaper on (thank you, near-constant-rashes) and has been peeing into his trucks and his Potsy toy, so we decided to just pull the trigger and buy him a potty.  As soon as we got it home, I asked him to go pee-pee in the potty...and he did!  Only standing up, so far, and not quite 100% accuracy, but being so young, I'm okay with going slow with this.  Plus, he loves to clap for himself when he's done, which is just too cute.

-He's been really digging chinese food lately.  

-In the last couple months, he's begun eating some dairy products.  So far, he loves greek yogurt and mozzarella string cheese.  

-He's still signing and is up to 40+ signs.  He LOVES to learn new ones and seriously, will pick up a new sign after seeing me sign it once.  He's my smart little boy :)

-His favorite books are still Green Eggs and Ham, Noisy Farm, and I Love You Through And Through...but we're adding in Horton Hears a Who (my fave) and his Elmo Storybook.  Ive had to put away his The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.... because I just needed a break from them :)

-He's the most amazing little boy in the whole world and I tell him every single day.  

Here's some pictures of the boy...

His mouth was full of crackers...

But he can't help but comply with my request for smiles :)

He tried smiling with his mouth full...he's quite the gentleman and kept his mouth shut for this one...

I couldn't not include this outtake

...and this one...

And finally, Ezra would like to offer you a cracker....

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Most Interesting Baby in the World.

A few weeks ago, we entered Easy-E into a baby photo contest run by a local radio station.  Admittedly, I've forgotten to use up my daily allowance of votes on several occasions, so we really aren't expecting to win.  We did, however, have this video made up already, so with a few quick changes, it became his campaign video.

Voting has since ended...and he didn't make it to the second round.  Bummer.  $2000 and a billboard with his picture on it would've been pretty freakin sweet.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grampy's Visit, Part 1

My Dad is in town for a couple weeks, so we're trying to spend even more time than usual out and about.  The weather has mostly been cooperating and so far, it's been a pretty great few days.

Here's one of Dad with Ezra at the playground.  They had fun playing peekaboo, going down the slides and playing in the sand :)

We drove up to La Jolla Cove for the afternoon to do a little sightseeing.  The seals were taking their rightful place on the beach at Children's Pool, despite the greedy, photo-hungry a-holes that tried invading their little bit of land.  Anyhow, they were out and easy to see from the cliffs, so we got some good viewing in.  The weather was beautiful - warm sun with a nice breeze...a perfect San Diego day :)

Ezra was less interested in all the seals on the beach and more into the birds.  I think it's because he knows how to sign bird...and not seal.

A stop for lunch meant some playtime with Grandpa.  Ez was giving him kisses, hugs, and just snuggling and playing with him.  So cute!