Wednesday, August 22, 2012

23 Months!

I'm simultaneously so excited and so sad that my little boy is getting so close to being 2.  This past month has brought a lot of growth for him - he's physically bigger, he's getting more consistent with eating, and his speech has really started to take off.  He's really turning into such a cool kid and I couldn't be more proud of him :)

Here's a little of what he's been up to:

-He is putting forth some serious effort to talk!  He says some pretty silly/odd words, too...he can say "Audi" (he's got a RC car that's an Audi), "onion," "bat," "ball," "ice," "hat," "ham" (due to his Green Eggs and Ham book) and a few more I can't remember.  He signs all the normal words that I expected him to be saying (and then some).  Actually, he is still surprising me with how many signs he knows.  Kid is a sponge.

-The Cat in the Hat is his most favorite thing EVER.  He requires the movie to be playing while he plays, dances, reads, etc.  ALL. THE. TIME.

-He is so close to getting both feet off the ground when he "jumps"... it's really adorable right now and I secretly love that he hasn't mastered it yet!

-He says "Whoooaaa!" rather emphatically, all the time.  When he likes something, when something unexpected happens, really anytime.

-He tells us which animals he wants to see at the zoo and will also tell us the sounds that they make...which is always good for a laugh :)

-He's started to swing on any bar he sees...Just like the monkeys do at the zoo.  Damn monkeys.

-Brushing teeth is no longer a tantrum-throwing event.  Thank you, Cat in the Hat movie, for having a scene where the Cat brushes his teeth.  Thank you.

-I'd all but given up on potty-training until a couple days ago.  Now, he seems to be really into it and I think we'll be making some serious progress over the next couple weeks!!  He even does a potty dance!

-The car/truck/motorcycle/ambulance/police car/bicycle/firetruck obsession continues. this is the general theme for his party this year ;-)

-The Cat in the Hat, Go Dog Go, Green Eggs and Ham, and various Elmo/Sesame Street titles are among his go-to books.

-He's the most amazing little boy I've ever known.  And I tell him

Here's some pictures to mark his special day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A quick catch-up

A LOT has been going on over the last month.  Well, I guess it's not really a lot...just one really big decision that has lead to a lot of time doing things other than updating this blog.

We're moving.

To Vegas.

In October.  

Yes, I'm sad.  Devastated, actually, to be leaving San Diego.  I am in love with this city.  This is home.  

But, it's a wonderful opportunity for Jordan - he'll be working with our great friends Job & Brandi - and it's bound to be a good thing.

Aaand, that's all I can say about that without getting too crazy-emotional...

Here's Ez at a friend's birthday party.  Naturally, he was attached to one of the toy cars.  He spent all of his time either driving this car around or playing in one of the baby pools or at the water table.  Clearly, the party was a hit with my kid ;-)

 At the zoo...checking out the giant tortoises.

 Look!  Look!  There's elephants and donkeys and a horse over there!

 He's gotten rather possessive over this baby elephant statue at the zoo.  It's HIS, damnit.

Ez giving a kiss to his favorite elephant statue.  Yes, he has a favorite.  Yes, we go to the zoo A LOT.

 When did he turn into such a kid?

The look on his face here kills me.  I adore this kid.

King of the mountain.

Though he loves the gorillas, he was far more interested in my sunglasses than taking a picture with them (and me).

 The obsession continues...

 Yay for gorillas doing laps around their enclosure!

Jordan went to Vegas for the week, so me and Ez have been on our own.  Sunday evening, we went over to a friend's house for some playtime and to watch Hunger Games.  We didn't stay long once the movie started (Ez was a little tired) but rest assured, I'd already watched it 1.5 times ;-)  Netflix came through and I got it on the release date!  Turned out to be a really good movie, and like always, I'm glad I read the book(s) first.  Too much to fit into a movie.'s a cute picture of Ez and another guest for the screening.  I think they were plotting against us in the little pop-up tent :)

We've been spending every evening since last Wednesday (aside from last Sunday) at the zoo, so I've been a little busy.  I'd like to report though, that I'm getting rather efficient at packing a take-along dinner for Ezra to eat while walking around the zoo :)

Tomorrow is the official 23 Month photos....stay tuned!