Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleepless Nights & Cute Pants

Mr. Man has taken up the habit of not sleeping at all between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Wide awake. This new development isn't going over so well with me. I'm a fan of sleep. I was even getting used to sleeping in 1-3 hour segments. Definitely doable. But this? This is going to have to stop. I mean, I've already exhausted the first season of Rock of Love, Hoarders, The L Word, Celebrity Rehab and seasons 1 & 2 of Pawn Stars and Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Thank god for Netflix. Seriously.

Unfortunately, Ezra did not get dressed up for Halloween this year. Hard to believe, considering how much both Jordan and I love the holiday, I know. Sadly, he's just too little to fit in any of the costumes. Even the newborn sized ones would have been too big. He's just a little guy. Next year, it's on.

I did snap some photos of him dressed up for football today. Like all the costumes, even his newborn-sized Jets onesies are still too big for him. The pants are too. I couldn't resist putting him in them, though - they're just too cute.

Yep, that's the best one. The elusive smile. Well, hard to document on film, really...he does it pretty often. He's my handsome boy. Oh ma goodness. I'm currently holding him AND staring at this picture. Goo. I'm a giant puddle of goo. Do you see what this kid has done to me?

There's also a random pic of him sleeping. Just in case I forget what that looks like.
And here's one last picture I just took. He's found his thumb...and the bad habit has begun. Rest assured, this will not continue.

Friday, October 22, 2010

1 month

Today, Ezra is one month old.

The hell?

When exactly did this happen? It really does feel like just yesterday I was holding him for the very first time. Cliche, yes. But so true. Days and nights have blurred together and I have yet to see a day that doesn't go by WAY too fast. I'm worrying that, at this rate, he'll be walking and talking before I can finish this next load of diaper laundry.

We went to see Vickii on Wednesday and Ezra blew us away with his awesome weight gain. He's was up to 7lbs 10oz! He'll be chunky in no time. I'm not sure what was different from two weeks ago, but whatever we did, we're going to keep doing it. He's definitely looking bigger but is still not quite filling out most of his newborn clothing. Some fit really well while others appear to be made for a 10lb baby. Eh, welcome to my world. That's why for the past 2 years, I've worn Gap jeans exclusively. It's not about brand loyalty. It's about not wanting to try on 5 different sizes of another brand to find the one that fits ;-) Laziness rules my world, folks.

So...Ezra. What can I say about this kid that I haven't already said a million times? He's amazing. The best thing ever. So sweet and cuddly and perfect. Seriously. He is doing that sort-of-smile these days, which, holy crap -- can melt you in .71 seconds flat. He coos and follows me with his eyes. He has the cutest burps. He's started this thing where he farts when he coughs or sneezes - which is exceptionally adorable during a diaper change :-) You know exactly when he has pooped each and every time because it's loud and he is clearly not embarrassed by this. He locks eyes with me when he eats (is there a quicker way to turn me into a puddle of goo?). He works so hard at holding his head up. Sometimes he squeaks when he's eating. His hair is insane. When he stretches, his eyebrows go up like he's super-surprised and he reaches his arms out like he's asking for a hug. He purses his little lips together like, "Gimme a kiss!" He loves to sleep chest to chest. He has the cutest little butt you've ever seen. He completely enchanting and I fall in love with him all over again every single day.

I couldn't choose which picture to put up, so I put up a few...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Purple-People-Eater / Our Little Oompah-Loompah

The past three days, our sweet little baby has taken on a rather beautiful shade of purple around his mouth (and on his clothes, blankets, etc). By morning, it's usually pretty faint, but in the evenings when we've just applied the Gentian Violet, he's as purple as Violet Beauregarde. He looks so pitifully cute. Thankfully, the staining will go away completely in a couple days now that we're done treating (hopefully). He's still purple-esque. We forgot to mention it to the neighbor yesterday who, as we were putting him in the car, got her first look at him. She probably considered calling CPS on me, thinking he's bruised around his little mouth :-/ Here's some pics of him from the afternoon of Day 2 of treatment. It's not so bad, really. But check out his crazy Jack Nicholson-"Heeeeere's Johnny!"-hair. It's insane. It just sticks straight up in some spots, no matter what we do. I think it's from the way I hold him when he's eating. There's just no hope for nice, neat hair for the time being.

I love him.

Friday, October 15, 2010

We are thinking of going to pick out pumpkins tomorrow. I want to make sure to get pictures of Ez with the pumpkins and he may or may not be slightly purple in and around his adorable little mouth for the next few days. We'll be treating a possible yeast problem with some Gentian Violet. Known to stain clothing and temporarily stain skin, it's a bit of a mess but is also very effective. So we'll see how stained he gets and plan accordingly :-) Same goes for our planned trip to Julian to do a bit of apple picking...I can't wait!

Mom's time in San Diego has come and gone. That week flew by. Actually, every week flies by now that Ezra is here, but I know she'd have been happy to hold him (read: steal him) for a few more days. Ezra certainly dictated when and what we were able to do. He's quite the controlling baby ;-) We did manage to make it to Balboa Park to walk around a bit and check out the rose and cactus gardens, on top of the farmer's market, PB, and harbor adventures. Next time, I'm sure we'll get out more.

At Ezra's latest visit with Vickii, he weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 4.5 oz! Not quite as much as she was hoping for, despite his continued nonstop eating, but it's still good. We're hoping to blow her away with some serious gains this week...and I think he can do it.

And since this is the only thing you care about at this's Ezra. Yes, he's sleeping again. He's a newborn. He sleeps. Oh, and the kid has some crazy hair. This photo only shows a bit of the craziness. It's out of control.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Busy Day

Today we did a lot of walking around. We started off trying to find the Pacific Beach Farmer's Market but found Beach Fest instead (where is Reed Street??!). Parking in PB was a mess, so most of the walking was to and from the car. We parked damn near the bay ;-)

So having never made it to the market, we decided to head downtown to Little Italy. We knew where that farmer's market is held. Mom was delighted with all the vendors and bought her fair share (and then some) of delicious baked goods, some yummy berries, pita & hummus, and a couple of kitchen gadgets. You can't stop her from shopping. She's a force to be reckoned with. Really, you can only hope to contain her. And we did. To Date Street...Between India and Kettner ;-)

We then headed to the harbor to show them the USS Midway and the Star of India. Naturally, a cruise ship had recently docked - on top of it being a Saturday afternoon- so it was very crowded, but really nice. Perfectly sunny and very warm - great weather.

It's now a proven fact that Ezra will fall asleep in 2.87 seconds once placed in the Moby Wrap. The kid LOVES it. He snuggles down (we like the newborn hug hold) and just zonks out. I mean, out. It was pretty warm with all that fabric wrapped around me but he was completely content. And I love not having to lug a stroller around everywhere.

Okay, so I still haven't exactly gotten around to buying a stroller yet. All the more reason to love the Moby ;-) I've been putting it off to see if we really need one now or if we can get away with buying one later on. I'm really liking wearing him and it's a whole lot less of a hassle to pack the wrap. We'll see...

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures while we were out today. I'll have to remember to snap a few tomorrow. In light of my obvious flub, here's a picture I just took of the little man. He's sleeping. Because 7:30-10pm is his nighttime stretch of sleep. Then it's party-time. And by party-time, I mean nursing every 1.5 hours for 45 minutes at a time. It's great fun. I know the entire nighttime/early morning schedule of shows on television and have gone through half a season of Hoarder's (!) and every Kat Williams stand-up special on Netflix already. It's temporary, I know.

And here's a few from last night/this morning.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's weight....7lbs .5oz! We're getting close to birthweight and Ezra is starting to chunk back up a little bit. I'm thinking his constant eating finally paid off ;-) Today was the first time we have left the house (except to walk to the end of the block with the dogs). Are you aware that buckling a newborn into a car seat is not as easy as practicing with a Cabbage Patch Kid? You certainly aren't as rough with tightening those straps - which means it takes approximately 19 times as long as you think it's going to. We'll get better at it. I just wish that the buckles were as easy to use on this carseat as they were on the convertible seat that is currently sitting in our storage. Damn infant seat. We made it, though. Granted, Vickii's office is literally 5 blocks away...he fell asleep on the way there and was just as content as could be for the ride home.

Brodie has always been known for his 'puppy dreams,' where he whimpers, flails, growls, "runs," barks, etc. Now Ezra has started having them as well. Eyelids fluttering open, silent whimpering (just a frowny face), etc. It's very cute. Okay, it's downright adorable. This kid is great.

We have recently learned to successfully nurse lying down. This seems like a small feat. Considering this kid's appetite, it's monumental to be able to stay in bed for a couple nighttime feedings that I don't feel like getting up for. Definitely helps with my sleep and overall mood the next day ;-)

Tonight, Jordan is accompanying a coworker to an event - Women, Wine and....something...I can't remember the third word. It probably started with a "W." This would fall under the category of "Makes Jeannette Jealous," as he will be enjoying wine, likely for free. I mean, who doesn't love some free wine? Mmmm.

But I get to play with the baby. I win.

Here's an adorable picture of Mr. Perfect.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ezra is awesome.

It's only been a week and a half, but I'm pretty sure we hit the jackpot with this kid. Like the pregnancy, he's pretty low-maintenance so far. Sure, nursing almost constantly is tiring, but I'm getting the hang of it. Everyday is a little different. We haven't quite figured out how to reset his clock - he still is up to eat every hour - two hours at night, with the occasional 3 hour stretch. He'll take his longer naps in the morning or at night before bedtime. We'll get it, though. Considering he just doesn't fuss unless I'm being too slow to get to the feeding, I'm thinking it's all pretty great. Even then, it's only for a second. I know...he's still young...blah, blah, blah. I'm just happy we're starting off good ;-) The poor couple 2 houses down have a screamer. His cries are amplified by the canyon behind us and, man alive, that kid has some lungs.

For anyone who has been keeping up with his weight -- on Thursday, Vickii came by again to weigh him and he was back up to 6lbs 12oz. WhooHoo! Based on my supply and his desire and progress, she doesn't expect anything but gains from here on out.

Oh, and his umbilical cord stump fell off on Tuesday evening (just shy of 1 week). I was sad. Not because it was particularly attractive or anything, but because it means that he's that much older. I'm a giant puddle of goo these days, folks.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so Ezra will most likely be sporting another Jets onesie while watching football. Jordan wants to start him early. Here was last week's attire for an away-game.

Here's some pictures we've snapped over the past few days...

Clearly, he sleeps a lot. And yes, he's giving us the thumbs-up in one. He's that cool.