Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sea World (our 2nd home) & 22 week pics!

Ezra and I are heading out to Maine on Tuesday.  Cross your fingers there's none of our usual flight cancellations/delays/general dumbassery.  Seriously, I haven't travelled to the east coast in the past 4 years without having a flight cancelled...mid-trip.  Super-fun with a kiddo in-tow.  I'm hoping for some smooth sailing....errrr, flying, this time :) 

Knowing that there's UTZ potato chips waiting for me in every grocery store, gas station, etc on the east coast....makes it all worth it ;-)

Surprise, surprise, we went to Sea World again!  We happened upon the end of Elmo's photo line, and Ezra thought it would be pretty fun to introduce his Dad to his buddy, Elmo.  Ez was so cute (again) with Elmo :)

Inside Turtle Reef, there's this video game where you get to be a turtle, swimming through the ocean, dodging sharks and fish and other things.  Ez's turtle usually just gets pushed through the game, as he's mostly just into holding the turtle (that's the controller - it's super cute) and watching the other turtles swim.  Either way, this game is a new must-do on his Sea World list...

And here he is, demonstrating how the shark swims through the ocean, attacking various things.  He really gets into it, with sound effects and everything ;-)

 And here's some 22 week pics.  Big.  That's about all I have to say :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Zoo pics & 21 weeks!

This kid has been keeping us outside everyday.  Not that I's just that he decides what he wants to do that day and it usually consists of at least one major park (Balboa, the zoo, Sea World) and also a playground.  Then, he has to water the flowers and play in his pool when we are finally allowed to go home.  Unlimited energy, this kid has.  I need to bottle it :)

This one makes me laugh...because clearly, Ezra was being a punk and refused to let me take his picture on top of the extinct American lion statue.  Jordan's plea to him fell on deaf ears ;-)

And here's Ez and his buddy, riding the SkyFari.  He's kind of obsessed with it.  Requires that we ride it at least once every time we visit the zoo.

He's been so freakin cute lately - when he plays "firefighter" with Jordan, and he gets a call that there's a fire in the kitchen, he always runs in, pushes me aside and says "Stay back, mommy!  There's a fire in here!  I'll save you!"  Unbelievably adorable, people.  

So, 21 weeks.  I'm looking pretty ginormous (compared to last time), feeling just as huge, and also feeling a little nervous about the current state of my belly button.  It's really just a thin-skinned, flat spot on my stomach...that pokes out all creepy-like now.  It's gross, I'll admit it.  Really, ever since the baby-belly started showing, it's gotten progressively flatter and flatter.  Like, I'm worried that when this is over, it's not going to be normal ever again...that kind of thing.  Jordan refers to it as "that monstrosity on your stomach that used to be a belly button" and refuses to touch it.  Nice guy, huh?!

So far, nothing major (or minor, even) to report.  Still chugging along.  I did gain a LOT (like, 10 lbs) all at once right before the 2nd trimester began, but thankfully, it's been coming on a lot slower and more steady, since then.  I've got enough stretch marks on my hips from my early college-years weight gain...I really don't need to add more ;-)  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Playgrounds, Sea World & 20 week pics!

Once again, I'm falling behind on posting.  We've been running around a lot (what's new?!) and have just been really busy.  

Ez has been all about some playgrounds lately.  Mostly, I think he likes to make me nervous with all his climbing and swinging and utter craziness.  Seriously, he climbs up things that I really don't think were designed for a 2.5 year old.  Makes me feel like putting a leash on him ;-)

Here is the Mini-Man on some much safer playground equipment....Naturally, he finds the cars/trucks/things with wheels :)

He's also been really into Sea World lately.  Like, when we go to pick up Jordan from work, we usually make a stop there afterward.  Spoiled, spoiled kid.  Here he is checking out the penguins with Jordan.  He loves penguins and tries to imitate the sound they make...but it really just comes out more like an angry "Naaaach, Naaaach!"  People tend to look at us a little funny when he does it ;-)

He also insists on climbing this giant rope ladder/tunnel thing.  It's not so bad when Jordan is with us (I get to stay safely on the ground)....but he doesn't seem to care the Mama isn't really as small as she once was (and is growing bigger by the minute), so I end up traversing it with him, too.  The crawling through the tunnels is fine....losing my flip flops in the ropes...not so fun ;-)

And finally, he's also really into the splash pad they have in the Sesame Street Bay of Play area there.  Mostly, he likes to shoot the water directly in his own face.  Man, this kid...he's a crazy one...


Here's the 20 week pics.  This kid is definitely taking advantage of his/her spacious accommodations.  I'm certainly bigger than I was at this point with Ezra.  WAY bigger.