Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's been awhile...

Remember that Staind song?  Remember Staind?  I have a great memory of Aaron Lewis (singer) up on the main stage at HFStival (I dunno, '99ish), tears rolling down his face as he sang It's Been Awhile…along with every.single.person in attendance.  Which was a lot.  He was so happy to have 'made it.'

Thanks for taking a trip in the way-back machine with me :)

So, I've been absent for awhile.  Shit's been busy around here.  Not so much in a productive kind of way…just a I can't even keep up with the dishes & laundry kind of way.

Penny is GROWING.  Like, for real.  She's about 15lbs now, can fill out some 6 month clothing, has been rolling over both ways since before 3 months, "talks" nonstop, and is the happiest baby ever.  She prefers standing to lying down, has been sitting (assisted) since about 3.5 months, and can't stop chewing on everything - hands, feet, toys, blankets, clothes…you name it.

Here's her "official" monthly pics that I've forgotten to put up…

2 months…in a onesie that is, decidedly, too big for my girl :)

3 months…Ez joined in on the festivities :)

4 Months…with and without big brother

5 months!

Ezra has been growing, too!  Not so much in size, per se, but dammit…he's like a 12 year old now!  He's SO FUNNY.  He's got a ridiculous imagination, he's smart, he's got a memory like a steel vault.  He's got personality and attitude and…and more attitude ;-)  Really, we're kind of in the middle of a not-so-fun phase right now.  He's switched from being complete Mommy's boy to telling me that he doesn't love me…he loves Daddy instead.  He used to tell me that I was his best friend…now it's Daddy.  I miss my boy.  Like crazy.

More on all of that later.  Hopefully not too much later ;-)