Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the beginning...

I always said that when got I pregnant, I'd blog to keep the folks up to date with the goings-on of our growing spawn. Surprisingly, this came about much sooner than anticipated!

I'm not exactly sure how many tests I took, but suffice to say, my mind didn't believe what my eyes were seeing. Jordan apparently felt the same way, as he decided to take one himself...just to make sure we didn't get a defective batch, I suppose. You'll all be very pleased to know that Jordan is not pregnant. He was certainly relieved. I, on the other hand, am very much pregnant.

Oh, I was so smug for the first week and a half after we found out. So smug. I had zero nausea and inwardly was so proud of myself for being one of those women who feels wonderful during the time that so many others are suffering with morning sickness.

I'm not feeling very smug anymore.

I don't think I'd ever be able leave the comfort of my living room couch if it wasn't for these super-stylish babies. Oh, I know you're jealous. You're thinking, "How can something so functional look so great?" Well simmer down, kids. Rest assured, you can get yourself a set of these lovely, goes-with-everything-in-your-wardrobe-wrist-bands too. $10 at your local drug store and Wham! You're an instant fashion icon.

I kid about the Sea-Bands only because they really are possibly the most hideous things I've worn. Ever. Or at least since high school. I look like I'm constantly on my way to the gym. Or that I have an intense sweat problem that can only be controlled by wrist sweat bands. But I'll take the odd stares from passersby. They really do take the edge off the ridiculous nausea that's been plaguing me. But damn, they're ugly.