Sunday, April 22, 2012

19 Months!

Ezra is 19 months old!  He's such a big boy and I'm sad he's growing up so fast...but he's so much fun that it makes up for it :)

What's Easy-E up to lately, you ask?

-His favorite food is broccoli.  Loves it. 

 -He got an iPad from my brother, his Uncle Josh.  I don't even have an iPad.  His favorite apps are I Hear Ewe (animal and automobile sounds),  Curious George's Zoo, and the KPBS video app.  He's already learned to be very gentle with it and was already a pro at the touch screen, thanks to his playing with my phone :)

-He's starting potty training!  I was going to wait until he started talking, just to decrease the frustration.  But, he spends so much time without a diaper on (thank you, near-constant-rashes) and has been peeing into his trucks and his Potsy toy, so we decided to just pull the trigger and buy him a potty.  As soon as we got it home, I asked him to go pee-pee in the potty...and he did!  Only standing up, so far, and not quite 100% accuracy, but being so young, I'm okay with going slow with this.  Plus, he loves to clap for himself when he's done, which is just too cute.

-He's been really digging chinese food lately.  

-In the last couple months, he's begun eating some dairy products.  So far, he loves greek yogurt and mozzarella string cheese.  

-He's still signing and is up to 40+ signs.  He LOVES to learn new ones and seriously, will pick up a new sign after seeing me sign it once.  He's my smart little boy :)

-His favorite books are still Green Eggs and Ham, Noisy Farm, and I Love You Through And Through...but we're adding in Horton Hears a Who (my fave) and his Elmo Storybook.  Ive had to put away his The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.... because I just needed a break from them :)

-He's the most amazing little boy in the whole world and I tell him every single day.  

Here's some pictures of the boy...

His mouth was full of crackers...

But he can't help but comply with my request for smiles :)

He tried smiling with his mouth full...he's quite the gentleman and kept his mouth shut for this one...

I couldn't not include this outtake

...and this one...

And finally, Ezra would like to offer you a cracker....