Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grampy's Visit, Part 1

My Dad is in town for a couple weeks, so we're trying to spend even more time than usual out and about.  The weather has mostly been cooperating and so far, it's been a pretty great few days.

Here's one of Dad with Ezra at the playground.  They had fun playing peekaboo, going down the slides and playing in the sand :)

We drove up to La Jolla Cove for the afternoon to do a little sightseeing.  The seals were taking their rightful place on the beach at Children's Pool, despite the greedy, photo-hungry a-holes that tried invading their little bit of land.  Anyhow, they were out and easy to see from the cliffs, so we got some good viewing in.  The weather was beautiful - warm sun with a nice breeze...a perfect San Diego day :)

Ezra was less interested in all the seals on the beach and more into the birds.  I think it's because he knows how to sign bird...and not seal.

A stop for lunch meant some playtime with Grandpa.  Ez was giving him kisses, hugs, and just snuggling and playing with him.  So cute!