Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Maine Hodgepodge

It was pretty rainy/cool/cloudy for the first few days that we were in Maine.  Not that I'm complaining.  We don't exactly get that much rain, so it's a nice change of pace.
It did keep us from exploring much, though.  When Ez did make it outside, he tried to go straight for the muddiest parts of the yard.  Naturally.  
There's a few days that didn't get much in the way of pictures - I got really sick for about a day and as soon as I got over the flu, some crazy allergies kicked in and turned me into a sneezing, coughing, human faucet.  We still went outside a lot, but I was carrying a box of tissues instead of my camera :(

Here's my Mini Man playing on the rocks outside his Grampy's house.  He liked to sit down and POP back up...he just laughed and laughed at himself :)

And here he is, driving Grampy's car.  He loved it so much, he had to do it several times a day :)

We visited Uncle Greg and Aunt Kim's house...and of course, Ez found their tractor out back --

...and Uncle Greg's SC 360 in the garage (next to the other John Deere mower and a bicycle -- both of which he had to "ride" and touch, as well).

And he spent some man-time with Grampy and his great-uncle Greg...

I took along Ezra's Signing Time DVD's, which turned out to be a really helpful distraction while I was cooking.  Unfortunately, I forgot to turn it off one night before we sat down to eat.  Here's Ez craning his neck to see the TV while eating his black bean burger.  (I swear, I gave him more than the crumbs that you see on his tray ;-))

I took EZ into Freeport one day.  We did a little shopping and grabbed some ice cream from Ben & Jerry's on our way back to the car.  What?  We were on vacation! 
Here's my boy, digging into the ice cream, instead of smiling for the camera ;-)

Grampy even helped him get dressed and ready for the day!  They were best buddies :)

Spending some time counting rocks and playing in the dirt outside...

Ez really enjoyed going for walks up and down Grampy's road to pick flowers (and weeds).

Soon after this pic was taken, it was Grampy's turn to get on Ezra's shoulders ;-)

Kid has finally learned to do his own diaper laundry!  He really loved being able to put clothes in the washer and dryer....perhaps I need to get him some new front-loaders ;-)

And finally, a quick shot of Ezra and Ellie at the playground.  They had a lot of fun swinging, going down the slides, and watching the dogs at the dog park across the field.

We also went over to Uncle Brett and Aunt Patty's house, where Ez had so much fun running around and playing with one of his little cousins.  They played tag, ran around in the field, checked out some tractors, gators, huge rocks, trucks, and mud puddles...and I managed to get exactly zero pictures.  I also forgot to take any pictures of Ez petting the horses in Carter Country :(  He especially loved the mini that was out...he kept wanting to give him love and pet his mane...he's just so sweet.