Friday, June 29, 2012

TV talk...and lots of Ezra!

I'm currently a little bit crazed over United States of Tara.  I never watched it when it was on Showtime, but recently noticed it on Netflix and decided to give it a shot.  Holy crap.  It's pretty spectacular.  I mean, I tend to love most things with John Corbett in them, but this also has Toni Collette and Rosemarie DeWitt (who looks shockingly similar to Mary Louise Parker, who I love).  Really great stuff...and I'm already sad knowing that it's only a 4-season series.

Here's EZ last week at the zoo.  He loves the snake-neck turtles.  He does his happy-dance and runs up to the tank to see them up close.  He also does his happy-dance for other people as they approach the tank, too :)

This is Ezra at Playtown.  We met a friend there and they had a great's an indoor play area with a bunch of ride-on cars/trucks, a bounce-house, a mini roller coaster, a big tunnel play structure, and more.  Really cute.

The next day, we had a playdate at Kellogg Park in La Jolla.  I love that place...Ez loves's win-win :)  Seriously though, he had SO MUCH FUN playing in the waves.  Huge, Ezra-smile, happy-dancing, wave-slapping, fun times :)