Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday Playdate

We went on our last Tuesday playdate...without realizing it was the real last one.  See, I knew I wasn't leaving for a week & a half...but I forgot that I wouldn't be meeting up for a playdate while my Mom was in town.  
When all was said and done, it was actually a perfect San Diego day and a really great time for Ez and for me.  We started off at the 6th Ave playground, where Ez's bestie, Claire, met up with us & we walked over to Balboa Park via the Laurel Street bridge (a classic me-and-Ez morning activity).  Ez & Claire's friend, Kate, joined us and we walked around the park, settling near the Koi pond.  Lunch, some playtime, some potty accidents, and some other hilarity ensued.  The weather was beautiful.  It was a perfect way to say goodbye to my favorite place.

I was snapping away as Ez and Claire were laughing uncontrollably at each other.  I, unknowingly, caught the moment just before a potty accident occurred.  Whoops!  (And just to lay it all out there, Ez was in his "back-up" shorts by the time this pic was taken...)

Is he almost 2 or almost 15 in this picture?  Seriously?!

 Ez and Kate decided to play in the dirt.  Then, Ez decided to smear it all over his face....

 Impromptu dance party!  Also, note that Claire is wearing Ez's hat.  Much like a girl wears her boyfriend's Letterman's jacket...

A couple days later, I sent Jordan in to help Ez wake up.  I heard Ez cracking up and throwing himself around, so I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics...

 And here's the Little Man...playing with his new mixer, toaster, and coffee maker.  Mmmm....breakfast.