Friday, February 15, 2013

Look! A new post!

In an attempt to catch up a little, here's a rather disjointed, random offering of pictures of the boy.  I realize that, if you are my mother, this is not enough.  Bare with me.  Lots of stuff happening these days.

Ez likes to go for rides in the laundry basket (Blast OFF!) and has been requiring that Lucy also go along for the ride.  While she seems to like Ezra (he gives his "Goosey" lots of love), she's not too keen on the idea of being in such a confined space with the little you can see from her about-to-escape-pose...

He's a lover of the vacuum.  Seriously.  It's a pain to vacuum when he's awake because he insists on helping...which generally doubles the time it takes :)

Just pay no attention to the mess around Ezra...our closet tends to be the messiest place these days - between our own laziness and Ezra wanting to "help" by taking out clothes and shoes...
This pic is really just to show Ez, in all his Ez-glory.  He LOVES wearing that hat (he calls it his Goofy hat) and he's also in his favorite Cat in the Hat shirt.  Yes, he has more than one.

Here's Brodie, hiding under the coffee table.  He's generally afraid of Ezra.  I'm not sure if it's because he's actually afraid of him or if he is more nervous about possibly hurting Ezra.  Either way, he tends to run away from Ez, unless he's getting a treat from him ;-)  In which case, he takes the treat as gingerly as possible and then runs away.

His expression here reminds me of of of the guys from Dumb & Dumber.  JUST THE FUNNY FACIAL EXPRESSION.  That's it.
Also, let's all notice that he sat down in one of the smaller plastic toy bins...then required a push around the living room (playroom).  Because he doesn't have enough ride-on toys, he has to create his own.