Saturday, January 26, 2013

28 Months!

I'll catch back up.  I will.

Until then, here's E-Z-E's 28 month pictures!

Ez decided to do his best impression of Quincy from Little Einsteins.  What?  You don't know Little Einsteins?  Neither did I until two weeks ago.  That damn Disney Junior app is getting a workout...

My happy boy.


He's the coolest kid ever.  Seriously.

Mini Man is growing up SO fast now.  His spoken language has just exploded over the past few weeks.  He's trying to say just about everything - he's finally parroting us...which is great...except for Jordan's habit of not catching himself before swearing ;-)  There's still a few words he completely avoids, but he seems to want to try so many others that we aren't concerned.  He's still signing sometimes - but really only uses the signs when his Signing Time DVD's are on - I think he knows all 10 volumes by heart now ;-)

I keep meaning to mention this...but always forget.  Awhile back, we noticed that Ez was hearing some words that we were saying -- as different, but similar sounding words.  He was frantically signing or half signing/half speaking these word-combos before we finally realized what he was trying to say.  Two that we thought were really funny - He was signing "bean" and "stop"'s beanstalk!  And one that we constantly say to each other, even now - Ez kept signing "girl" and "cheese".  Jordan was dumbfounded until we started saying it fast...girl cheese, girl cheese, girl cheese.....Grilled Cheese!  Get that kid a sandwich!

He's such a cool kid.  I'm kind of jealous of his coolness.