Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Maine Pictures

I guess I forgot about these pictures.  They're from our last few weeks in Maine.  It was pretty nice getting all that time to spend with family while we were there.  I'd never been that close to my Dad's side of the family but, as these things do, we were definitely brought closer by Dad's illness and subsequent passing.  They've been beyond amazing and I'm incredibly grateful for them.

Here's Ez with one of his cousins...I think.  I mean, I'm really not sure what they are to each other.  Her dad is my first, yeah.  They're related somehow ;-)  Either way, they just loved each other and played together a handful of times while we were there.

Some fun shots from one of the many days we spent lounging at my aunt and uncle's pool...

Ez did a little tent shopping at L.L.Bean :)

And of course my kid spent some time at the Freeport Fire Station...

Finally, here he is riding a cousin's (or whatever) mini 4-wheeler.  Holy shit, he loved that thing.

I've got another couple weeks of belly pics, but I'll save those for next time.  No need to thank me, folks ;-)