Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toddlers with mustaches...and some giant belly pics.

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever find time to update as much as I did when Ez was little (and nursing all the freakin time).  I keep thinking that I'll be better...and then I find other things to do instead.  We'll see.  

Either way, it's been a busy couple of months.  We've been trying to catch up with friends, spending most every weekend at a birthday party, taking advantage of extended hours at Ezra's favorite places (Sea World and the zoo), and getting ready for our little man's birthday party.  Lots and lots to do....

Oh, and there's the new baby coming in September :)  So...yeah.  There's a little bit going on lately.

Ez's friend had a pirate birthday party, so of course, Ez got into it by putting on a fake 'stache and pirate  hat ;-)

Pirate Ez and Pirate-Mermaid Claire :)

Ez had a fun morning playing in the tidepools in OB a couple weeks ago.  We got there during high tide, so it wasn't ideal, but the kids still had fun and were able to find some cool creatures.  Oh, and they got completely filthy playing in the wet sand ;-)

He really likes letting the water shoot directly into his face ;-)

On Labor Day, we decided to spend the evening over at the zoo.  It was the last night of Nighttime Zoo for the 2013 season, so naturally, we had to make an appearance.  I mean, this kid pretty much owns the zoo, so it's only right ;-)

Ez gave a rousing lecture on the differences between African and Asian elephants...

Here's my 35 week pics.  

 Aaand 36 week pics.