Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ezra's actual birthday :)

Since we decided to celebrate Ezra's birthday at the beginning of the month, we had to make sure to celebrate our boy on his true birthday :)  He was adamant about having a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.  So, I got everything ready - found a super delicious looking recipe for a stark-white, yummy vanilla cake.  I also found a new frosting recipe...I love new recipes.  Love.  But, as it turned out, I started getting pretty uncomfortable and having some very real-feeling contractions the day before his birthday.  Ultimately, it wasn't the real thing...but for about 7 hours, I was pretty sure that getting knee-deep into cake baking & decorating was a very bad idea.  

So, my poor child had to make do with a store-bought cake.  Ice cream cake, to be exact (at his request).  Please don't judge me.

We had already given him his other presents on the day of his party, but we held on to his brand new, big boy bike.  It's a push bike/balance bike.  He thinks it's awesome (and it is), however, he's still getting used to it.  He much prefers to just pick up his feet and have Dad push him around, instead of doing the work himself ;-)  Eh, he'll get it.

He's such a big boy now.  He seriously cracks me up  SO funny.  He can drive me crazy and then melt me with one little "I love you, mom."  He's got the most vivid imagination and can come up with the most outrageous storylines for his toys.  I love this kid.