Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ezra's 3rd Birthday Party!

We had to have Ez's 3rd birthday party a little early this year...you know, so that we could be guaranteed to actually have the party...in case this baby decided to come out and make an appearance ;-)

We celebrated in Dr. Seuss fashion, since my little man loves The Cat in the Hat.  And Horton and Green Eggs & Ham and The Grinch...and so many other Seuss books.  Let's say he's a fan.

I know he's still too young to understand why I had to make truffula trees, had to give clever names to all the food & drink, had to have 2, 5+-ft Cat in the Hat cut-outs, etc.  But it all happened and I'm happy it did because, in spite of the crazy heat (and flies.....omg, the flies!), it turned out to be a super cute party for my boy :)  I love this kid, man.

Here's our birthday boy -- he was so excited to finally have everyone sing him Happy Birthday (he's the last of his 'main' group of friends to celebrate)

Aaand the blue icing was a hit!

I was still getting blue icing out of his nose during his bath that night.

The Cat with some truffula trees (remember?  from The Lorax??)

The favor bags were actual real things!  Not just bags of crap to throw away ;-)  I did Cat in the Hat crayons, pencils, giant erasers, and cups...all inside these cute reusable bags.  

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!  Or, goldfish crackers in a fishbowl, served up with a fish net ;-)

Who-Hash Bars were my crackalicious chocolate oatmeal bars & Beezlenut Cookies were coconut cookies -- a new recipe that I tried & LOVED.

The cupcakes!  They were supposed to be Thing 1 & Thing 2, complete with cotton candy hair, but the  intense heat and humidity caused that idea to be pushed aside (melted cotton candy tastes good but looks bad).  It's a good thing my dear friend is a quick-thinker and was able to switch it up that morning :)

Ez was really excited to get Bullseye!

Opening more presents!

The ball pit was a nice escape from the bounce house...

I was shocked to see this picture.  Usually, I think people feel a lot bigger than they really are.  Turns out, this was exactly how big I felt.  Scary-big :)

More presents!

The bounce house was a hit.  I can't imagine a birthday party without one, from now on.  So much easier than trying to entertain a bunch of 3-year olds!

It was a little bit crazy in there...

Ez and his buddy, just hanging out...looking like a couple teenagers wasting time at the park before a Blind Melon concert back in 1994 ;-)

So, the party was a success and Ezra had a blast.  He's such a sweet, funny kid and I couldn't be more proud of the little boy that he's turning into :)