Thursday, October 6, 2011


That's right, folks...E-Z said his first (intentional, intelligible) word!  He's been babbling for months now, saying long strings of mamamamamamamas and dadadadadadadas and babababababas.  I feel like he's said a few things here & there but I'm never 100% sure that he means it...

But last night, he looked at me, put his arms out for me and said very clearly, "Mama!  Mama!"

And I promptly melted.

Earlier that same day, he also signed "dog" for the first time, also intentionally & intelligibly :)  He's highly proficient at signing "milk," and has his own bastardized version of "all done."  He also tries mimicking me when I sign "mama," but his thumb always goes straight to his mouth instead ;-)  He recognizes "diaper", "more", "water" and "food" as well, but doesn't sign them yet.

Here's a picture I snapped of him last night...while he should have been sleeping.  Notice all the toys around him and the general awake-ness.  Kid doesn't like to sleep during normal hours.

But he still said Mama ;-)