Wednesday, February 22, 2012

17 Months!

I can't believe we are so close to that 1 1/2 year mark!  Time is flying by and Ezra is growing up so fast.  Care too hear what he's up to these days?

-He loves to eat fish!  Salmon is his favorite so far.
-Playgrounds are getting to be easier to get around & he loves to go down the slide by himself!
-Ez will only take 'stand-up-baths' sitting down for this kid.  Oh, no.  You can't pour and splash water all over the bathroom when you're sitting down ;-)
-He has been loving his Dad a lot lately - clinging to him when he walks in the door, fussing if he sees him's really cute.
-Ezra loves to walk around on his own, going up to strangers, waving hello at them.  It's really great to see him want to be so independent.
-He's got a few women on TV that he just loves.  One is Regina M. Benjamin, our 18th Surgeon General, who has a commercial that gets played all the time.  As soon as he even just hears her voice, he gets really bashful and buries his face.  So stinkin cute :)
-He's got a billion teeth.
-He loves to flirt with checkout girls.  Like, he really takes it seriously.
-He's getting really good at sorting shapes.
-Ez loves to dunk.  The kid is a natural.
-He's gotten into the habit of bringing us the books that he wants to read.  This means we read, and reread the same books  Good thing he's cute!
-Stacking, sorting, banging things...all activities he's very adept at ;-)
-He's so sweet and smart and amazing.  And I tell him every single day.

Here's some pictures of the boy.

He was not having the best day.  Quick naps, got up too early after a restless night, not eating much...all blended together to make taking pictures a very tough thing :)

 He just refused to look at the camera for about 99% of the pictures.

I had to make all the funny noises I've got in my repertoire to get a smile AND a look in my general direction.

This was .003 seconds before he alligator-rolled and slid himself down the couch to run and play like a manic.