Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuesday Playdate...just late!

Not only is this post late, but we were incredibly late to Ez's playmate this week.  The night before was the 3rd of a 4-night stretch of seriously restless sleep.  He would be up, down, and literally all around, from the hours of 2-6am.  It was pretty brutal and reminded me of the newborn days, except not quite as bad.

So, we finally made it to the park...about 30 minutes before his buddy had to leave.  The kids did have a good time though.

First, they played in the flowers.  It's not really a place we were necessarily supposed to be (it's a pseudo traffic circle, of sorts), but the kids were enjoying smelling the flowers so we went with it :)

The Japanese Friendship Garden was part of the Free Tuesdays, so we went in -- and Ez lead us straight to the koi pond.  Some veterans volunteer in the garden and had some food for the kids to feed to the fish.  They LOVED it.  And so did the fish.

After his buddy left, we went to the Museum of Man.  Ez was really just interested in running around, banging on stuff, and waving hello to all of his adoring fans ;)

Jordan thinks Ezra looks just like he did as a kid in this picture.

Since he was so rambunctious, we spent a little time walking around the sculpture garden.
This sign says not to touch or climb on the sculptures.  We were apparently in the clear on that one, because Ez was only interested in trying to rip the sign out of the ground by violently shaking it...

When I tell people that I have to constantly shove food in Ez's face just to get him to eat, I'm really not joking.  This is proof.  He'd squatted down to play with something, so we jumped at the opportunity to force a little mango puree at him.

And finally, here's Jordan trying to teach Easy to log-roll down the hill.  He does it on the floor at home all the time but seemed skeptical when we added the downhill aspect :)