Saturday, December 29, 2012


Here's Ezra's Christmas haul.  Far too much for one kid...but he totally deserves every bit of it ;-)

Christmas morning, he walked out to the living room and did his signature gasp of surprise when he saw all his "pessies" under the tree.  He was SO FREAKIN HAPPY.  Here's the only picture I took during the actual present-opening process.  It was the first one that he opened - some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines.  Oh, how he loves these things.

We had to take a couple breaks from eat.  He also had to have gifts shoved in front of him and we had to really entice him to leave the previously-opened gift alone for a moment ;-)  After all was said and done, he did some serious playing.  The huge box of Hot Wheels, the Mickey Mouse Camper set, Mickey figurines, and plush Goofy & Minnie were probably his faves.  

 Here he is, dancing around in the bubbles....because if we can't have snow for Christmas, we'll have bubbles!

Here's my Mini Man, having a tea party with Mickey, Minnie & Goofy...

And Ez playing with his Mickey Mouse Camper.  Oh, geez, does he love this thing.

We had a fantastic Christmas. Ez got a ton of great gifts - I'm pretty sure that the theme this year was split between Mickey and Thomas the Train...with only a few other gifts not adhering to either ;-)  

Also, we've still got the tree up and he periodically will start asking for more "pessies" and look around for more.  It's pitiful.  And funny.  And makes me want to give him a gift every day...because I'm a sucker for making that kid light up like that :)