Saturday, March 9, 2013

Birthdays, Blue Toes and Big News!

So, last Monday was my birthday!  I took a day off from packing and decided to sit around, eating spicy Cheez-its (don't you judge me, dammit), watching Steel Magnolias.  I wore sweat pants and a ratty tank top and didn't care one bit that I looked homeless ;-)

Speaking of Steel Magnolias, when I was younger, I decided that I wanted to live in the south because I wanted to be like the sassy ladies of Chinquapin  Parish.  I'm not kidding.  I have a deep love for Ouiser (Shirley MacLaine), especially.  Oh, and Clairee (Olympia Dukakis).  Smart-ass, southern women, just doesn't get much funnier.

After painting my toes blue, at Ezra's request, he required me to do his toenails as well...

He thinks it's sooooo cool and keeps talking about his blue toes ;-)  And yes, he's got 2 different shades of blue.  It's what he wanted, okay??


Also, Ezra has a little announcement that he'd like to make.

That's right, folks.  More baby-Blausteins!  As you can see, we're expecting this latest addition in September, probably a few days before Ezra's birthday.  Seeing as how I tend to procrastinate, we may be looking at a shared birthday for the kids ;-)  We'll see!

Also on the list for "shit that we've been keeping relatively quiet about," -- we're moving!  It's been the most insane back-and-forth between going to the east coast and going back to San Diego.  I'll elaborate more later, but I think we've finally come to a decision and we'll be gone by the end of this month :)