Friday, March 1, 2013

Visitors from Home

Our good friends from San Diego came out to visit us a couple weeks ago.  Ez and I hadn't seen them since our last trip out there in October, so it was really awesome to spend some time catching up!  The kids acted like they always used to - as if they were still seeing eachother a couple times a week :)

Reunited and it feels so gooooooooooood :)

Ez really loves "Baby Molly" (she's barely a baby anymore, but I'm pretty sure he'll always refer to her as a baby)

We headed out to Red Rock for a little "hiking."  Really, it was a minor incline with some rocks...but very kid-friendly, so it worked well for us. 

Ezra and Claire, before we started our trek at Red Rock.

27 Hours....later.  (please tell me you saw the movie, otherwise this makes no sense...)

It's Jack-Rabbit-Ezra!

 This was about the most colorful thing we saw on the trail...

Pausing for a quick family pic

Ez fell asleep about halfway through the trail, so Jordan got quite the workout, holding a limp-Ez ;-)

The next day, we spent some time letting the kids go crazy at the playground...and crazy they went :)  Plus, it was President's Day - so every other kid in Vegas was there as well.

Ez, getting his slide on at the Town Square play area

The big kids, chowing down on some smoothie pops...and harassing the dogs.

We went down to the strip so that the kids could watch the fountain show at the Bellagio (okay, I like it too!)  Here's some highlights...

Inside a hidden corridor in the Cosmopolitan, I found this gem...

The kids had a race up to the glittery horse in the Bellagio lobby...

They side-stepped their way around the whole enclosure, trying to find a weak spot so they could get to the chocolate ;-)

Ez and Molly, ready to dive into the fountain...