Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 Months!

I wrote this over a month ago.  I'm really bad about checking to see if things post.  Mostly, it's because I'm either headed to the zoo, at the zoo, coming home from the zoo, or telling Ezra that we just went to the zoo and he can go back when they reopen the next day ;)
So, without putting it off any longer, here's Ezra's 30 Month picture & post...


-He's a running, jumping, climbing, talking, singing, laughing little ball of energy.
-His favorite game lately is playing "Fireman-Ezra"  (or, as he says, "Fire-Ezra")...where he runs from room to room after getting a "call" about a fire in a specific area of the house.  He goes in, puts the fire out, and declares that he has "Saved the Day!"  It's freakin hilarious.  And he'll do it for an hour, straight.
-Emergency vehicle sirens and garbage trucks can wake him from a deep sleep.  He also talks in his sleep, often saying, "firetruck, "police car," etc.  It's pretty clear what this kid is dreaming about ;-)
-He straddles Lucy, the chihuahua, and declares that he's riding Firetruck-Lucy.
-He's begun "putting out fires" and "saving the day" by peeing on things (in the bath, outside, in the potty...)
-He really likes pickles.
-Still consuming more frozen blueberries than an entire family would.
-Watering the flowers is a favorite activity.  Really more like drenching them, then turning the hose on himself to soak every last inch of his body.
-He's mastered some scary playground equipment.
-He's still the most amazing person ever and I still tell him every single day.