Sunday, April 14, 2013

Photo-Catch-Up & 17 weeks

Ez and I have been sick for the past week, so we've been flip-flopping between, "Let's just stay in all day and rest" and, "Fresh air would do us some good."  Neither one has really been helping, but at least it's breaking up the monotony of being sick ;-)

We met some friends at Sea World last Monday (before I realized that this was more than just a runny nose).  We got to see the killer whales (there's a baby!!), some dolphins, the penguins, polar bears and belugas.  So...roughly 1/4 of the park...which is good considering we were a group of 5 adults, 8 kids :)  Oh, and we watched the live Elmo song & dance and the kids got to meet Elmo afterward.  This was pretty much the highlight of Ezra's week!

Ez, checking out the belugas...

This was the closest he was going to let me get to getting a pic of him posing next to the tank. 

He's a dare-devil, folks.
The rest of the week was spent inside playing firetrucks, reading books, watering the flowers outside, and trying to finish decorating the office.  Not nearly as much fun as meeting Elmo ;-)
Here's a couple that I think I forgot to put up from the past couple weeks...
Ezra pretty much refused to stay out of the truck as we were loading it up for the move.  Also, notice the little UHAUL truck (actually a piggy bank) that he was given at the rental place...This kid get everything!
 Ezra "driving" the UHAUL when we stopped for gas somewhere in Baker, CA.  Kid just cannot get enough...

 We tried to get ice cream at Mariposa, but they were closed.  Then, we tried to get VivaPops, but they were closed, too.  Seriously, Adams Avenue...I love you, but damnit, we always seem to want things from there on the days that the businesses are closed.
After 2 failed attempts at a delicious dessert, Ezra was getting pissed.  So we headed over to The Daily Scoop on Juniper, in South Park for some really awesome ice cream.  Clearly, Ezra enjoyed his chocolate chip ice cream...

He takes his cones very seriously, people.
A little aside -- they have a Kaluha Krunch ice cream that is freakin amazing.  Must try it.  And I must have it again soon ;-)  

And here's the boy, wearing the fireman helmet that he (seriously) takes off just before climbing into bed, puts it on the nightstand...and grabs it before his feet even hit the floor in the morning.  Obsessed.  It's tough to tell in the picture, but he's got the garden hose, I mean, fire hose...and he's putting out fires. Because he's Fire-Ezra, damnit.

And now, here's Further Evidence that I'm carrying another person in my uterus.  17 weeks (we're really closer to 18, but I'm trying, people).

Definitely feeling the little him/her moving around in there.  Much like with Ezra, I'm pretty sure that someone is doing Kenpo in ma belleh.  Also, I'm aware that the belly-band only adds to the "damn, gettin' fat" look (especially from the front), but I'm not breaking down and buying maternity jeans right now.  It's WAY too early for that.