Sunday, June 6, 2010

26/29 week pics

Here's the photos for this week. Clearly, I'm the size of a small heifer at this point. Thankfully, I'm still in the "doesn't look pregnant from the back" camp. I'm sure I heard an audible gasp from the lady behind me in line at Target today when I turned to the side in slow motion. It rocked her world.

Probably not, but I pictured it happening in slow motion and consequently rocking her world.

But more importantly, let's all focus on my tan. It's glorious. Mostly, I'm just excited to not be Elmer's-glue-pasty-white anymore (exception being my giant belly, of course).

Completely aside from the weekly photos, I'm also happy to announce that one of Jordan's patients is a farmer. This means that we get to participate in a the time-honored tradition of bartering. Our score from last week included carrots, radishes, beets, golden Swiss chard, kale, bean sprouts, raw peanuts, cucumbers (even golden ones!!), and whole variety of different squashes. It was a big box full of goodies. How cool is that?