Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just a few things

We've decided that I'm likely due right around the end of the first week of September. Our latest appointment with our midwife revealed that I'm measuring about 27 weeks. 3 weeks ago, I measured 26...which is all in line with either date, really. Either EDD, 8/20 or 9/15 is still possible of course. We're just thinking it'll be somewhere between the two, rather than closer to either since I'm measuring a little over one date and a little under the other ;-) Really though, who knows? This kid is going to come when it's damn well ready. It is, afterall, our kid.


I caught Brodie in the formerly-lettuce-turned-cucumber-barrel yesterday afternoon. He managed to jump in through and under the circular trellis I have in it, and was comfortably lounging on top of my beautiful cucumber seedlings. Thankfully, they are all still alive and thriving, no thanks to my crazy boy. He really is crazy. I mean, what kind of dog sleeps in a veggie barrel full of dirt?

I do, however, think that he's working some magic on my tomatoes. We've gotten a bunch of ridiculously sweet grape tomatoes and the Early Girl that we had this week was super delicious. I think he talks to them. I'm excited to know what the cucumbers will taste like with a little Brodie-magic ;-)


I'm becoming so accustomed to the tumbles, kicks, punches in my belly that I actually, for a brief moment today, mistook a small earthquake for the kid acting crazy. Jordan thought it was Brodie thrashing against the couch, so at least it wasn't just me. Apparently, it was only about a 4.4, but we've been getting lots for the past 2 months or so since the big one on Easter. I'm thinking I may have ocean-front property pretty soon at this rate :-/