Friday, September 10, 2010

39 weeks

Nope, no baby yet. Apparently, plenty of people were thinking that I'd have had the kid by now. No such luck. We've still got a few weeks until I'm allowed to really crank up the complaining. Until then, I'll just continue with my mild whining to Jordan about being uncomfortable and crossing my fingers that the kid has a calendar in there to keep track of the days ;-)

I have had a couple instances when I thought things might be getting started. Clearly those were not real, or else I'd be posting photos of a baby instead of my ginormous, stretched-out belly where the kid is currently residing. It's all National Geographic-looking now.

In other baby-ish news...insomnia has recently taken over. Tossing and turning in bed is both comical and sad at this point, considering it requires an act of congress to roll from side to side. Mostly it's just me groaning, trying to use some stretched-out abs and the weight of this belly to throw myself to the opposite side. That causes a bit of pain. You can see how this is not productive. Last night I was up till 4:30am. I watched a morning show that I didn't even know existed. It was awful, by the way. I did manage to cut up both an entire watermelon and a pineapple for today and played about a million games of at least it wasn't a total bust.

These photos just got taken today, so technically, they are 39.5 week photos. But we tend to be late every week, so what's new? Yes, I see the wet spot on my jersey. No, I didn't want to take it off for the picture. I wasn't sure that it would fit over the belly, but I had to support the Skins. We won and I'm proud of my team ;-) Great start to the season and I'm so happy it was a win against the Cowgirls.

Let's all cross our fingers this kid finds some time to grace us with it's presence this week. It'd be a good week and I'm ready ;-)