Sunday, September 5, 2010

38 weeks

I'm late taking these photos (again). This seems to be the trend for me. Wait till the very last minute and make sure I look like I've been doing housework in a very warm house all day. Both happened again today. I have no excuse for the hair. It didn't get any attention today. Maybe I'll be smart and remember to have Jordan take a picture (when I'm not sweaty and nasty) to prove that it truly does look good. I may keep it short for a little while.
I also have no excuse for the clothing. You know, besides being extremely pregnant.

And what the hell is going on with my belly button? It's not normal. I look like I have a giant bruise where my belly button should be. There's also a bit of a popping out happening...I'm guessing it's a minor herniation of my (seriously) weakened abdominal wall. If I remember my OB/GYN notes correctly, these things happen (both the discoloration and the protruding abs), though I'm concerned for the fate of my belly button, post-baby. Keep your fingers crossed for me, people.

Oh, and no. I'm not a hairy ape. The linea nigra, while dark and not cute, is confined to skin discoloration only. Have no fear. I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten that mess taken care of by now if it weren't ;-)

Pretty big, eh? I'm feeling it. It's a good thing we're close to the end here because even the maternity shirts I bought are getting dangerously close to not covering me as well as I'd like. I mean, they do their job. I'd just like a little extra length, just in case.
We made PW's Spicy Mac and Cheese again tonight. It was glorious. The first time I ever made it, Jordan decided he was not a fan of Ree's recipes and refused to even call it mac and cheese. He thought it would be sacrilegious to do so. I'm not sure what happened, but now he is the reason we make it when we do. He's obsessed.

I'm realizing now that I tend to only mention the highly fattening food that I make. Rest assured, most of my diet consists of fruits and veggies. Mostly raw. But if I mentioned, "Hey! I just had the best bell pepper ever!" it wouldn't really be too exciting. Delicious, fattening foods? Those are exciting.

And because this is supposed to be Of Dogs and Babies, I suppose I should mention the dogs once in awhile too. Here's a couple shots of Brodie at his most favorite place in the whole world:

Naturally, Lucy had to stay home. She's too much of a liability to take to the beach. Her brand of crazy just can't be contained.

I really like the second shot because it looks like Jordan and Brodie are having a little talk. Very cute. Really, Brodie is a ball-fetching, swimming machine when he's at the beach and Jordan was likely just trying to get him to take a little break. I mean, the dog cries like you're beating him if you make him wait between throws. People stare. It's uncomfortable.
In other baby news, we had to admit defeat with the car seat. The one that we researched, loved, and subsequently bought is simply too big to be rear-facing in our car. Despite the impossibly low, deep seats in the back of the Matrix, it just wouldn't work without completely sacrificing the passenger seat. Even then, it had to be squeezed right up against the back and we'd have to have several inches of padding beneath it to tilt it to the correct angle. It just wouldn't have worked. So, we got an infant seat. Of course we're still losing some leg room in the front seat because of it, but at least this way we HAVE a front seat. I think we're keeping the convertible seat for later, though. The price was right and this way it's one less thing to have to buy later on. Now we just have to find a place to store it for many, many months. It's not like this place has an abundance of closets or just space, in general. Perhaps we can use it as another seating option in the living room, you know, should a midget happen by for a bit and require a place to sit.