Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm trying to be patient. I think I'm doing a pretty good job, actually. Prior to the 15th, I knew it was not set in stone that I'd have had the kid by now. I knew that it'd be completely normal and very likely that I'd have the kid at some point (likely) prior to October. But I went ahead and got a date stuck in my head and now I have a hard time not expecting it at any moment.

I walk, I have contractions. I sit, I have contractions. I lay down, I eat, I breathe, I have contractions. I even let myself give in and time them sometimes when they don't let up. But then nothing ever comes of them. Mostly, I just ignore them as best I can.


I do have some pumpkin spice oil burning right now. This makes me happy. Maybe the kid will catch a whiff and want to experience it on the outside. Maybe.


I wrote all that early this afternoon with the intention of adding pictures tonight. After a walk around the block with Brodie and a trip to Balboa Park with Jordan and the dogs, followed by an adjustment for my aching hips, I've been having steady contractions again for a couple hours. 10 minutes to 5 minutes within 2 contractions and they are certainly not the same as the ones I'd been having. Pretty constant pressure and tightness between contractions....and they are a lot more uncomfortable than before, too. I mean, I just made dinner and am picking up around the house, so we're not talking about anything crazy. But, this could be something. I'm letting myself get excited, kids. Not so excited that I'm calling anyone quite yet. That would suck to get a call in the middle of the night after everything has stopped and I'm finally sleeping. But, my fingers are crossed that I'll be calling people in the morning ;-)
I think I'll save this again rather than publish...just in case. I don't want to jinx anything.

Okay. It's a little after 10am. Contractions slowed enough for me to sleep for a couple hours last night and started back with a vengeance around 3:30am. They got to 3-4 minutes apart, then spread out a tad again. Definitely more of the real thing now. Some other things have happened that lead me to think that it's happening today/tomorrow. I'll leave those things out because I'm sure most people reading this could do without that knowledge. You're welcome.

This kid has begun putting it's party pants on. I think. Cross your fingers ;-)