Monday, August 22, 2011

11 Months!

Hey guys!  Being 11 months old is super fun.  I mean, I'm totally not laughing at Steve as he's making faces at me.  I'm just laughing and having a great time because I'm SO EXCITED to be 11 months old!

While I'm chewing on my baby, aka, Glowworm, check out this magical head of hair I've got...

Wait, you're saying I'm getting another haircut soon?  

That's it.  No more smiles.  I'm not pleased about this haircut situation.  

And finally, here's Mister Man after we went for his bike ride.  He got so excited whenever we'd push him really fast...great big smiles, laughs, arms waving...the works :)

So what is Little Man up to these days?  

Everything.  He's up to everything.  He's into everything.  He's all over everything.  Everything.

Seriously though...
-He's pulling up on everything.  Standing is SUPER fun.
-We've been taking swimming lessons - where he's learning to kick, paddle, hang onto the wall, climb out, and go under water.  
-He's been saying MaMaMaMaMaMa a lot.  Still not really saying Mama, but I'll take it for now ;-)
-When he gets mad, he makes fists, scrunches up his face and GRRRR's.  It's probably the cutest thing ever.
-He loves to clap.  
-Some foods that Ez has been trying lately include plum, sweet potato, blueberry, banana, quinoa, and steel-cut oats.
-He's an accomplished "sleep-eater" and has been perfecting his "sleep-crawling" in bed recently.
-Speaking of crawling, he's insanely fast when he's army-crawling.  He has been getting up on his knees to crawl a couple times a day, but prefers the speed of full-on-army-crawling.  
-He's also been sitting up on his knees a lot to play with his toys.  
-He gives great "Ezra kisses."
-Favorite toys these days include glowworm, his bike, trucks, maracas, Elmo, and his wooden barnyard animals.  
-He LOVES when we sing the Elmo's Ducks song.  Of course, when we sing it, it's Ezra's Ducks :)
-DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba is able to make him smile in .004 seconds, flat.
-He's the most amazing little boy, ever.  And I tell him every single day.