Saturday, August 13, 2011

Conversations with Ezra: A pictorial essay

Here's a bunch of pictures I took of the boy.  I was trying like hell to get a good, head-on shot of his face for his birthday party invitations.  None of these will do, but they are seriously cracking me up, so I've got to share them...

Me:  Ezra, smile if you think Mom is funny...

Laugh uncontrollably if you think Mom is crazy...

Wait, do you really think Mom is crazy?

Ezra, are you trying to divert my attention away from your previous answer by showing me your amazing teeth?

Oh, that whole time, you were just trying to show me your toothy grin?  And you don't really think Mom is crazy?


Alright, I forgive you.  Just flash me another grin...just for funsies.  Please?