Monday, August 1, 2011

A trip to the Safari Park!

Last Saturday, we drove a bit up the road to the Safari Park (formerly the Wild Animal Park).  We've been zoo members for over 2 years now and had never been it was about time.  

Upon entering the park, we both agreed that we needed to spend more time there.  It was so pretty and surprisingly different from the zoo.  The water features were pretty great, Ezra got to feed the ducks, and it was even more spread out and huge than the zoo - which I didn't think was possble.  

When we first saw the line of people for the African Tram (200+ folks queued up, including some really pissed off little kids) we thought - Oh, hell no.  Then we realized how much closer you get to the animals when you're on the tram...and we both agreed we'd battle the line and hop on it next time.

We did have a great time exploring.  Ezra really liked touching all the new flowers and plants.  

Here's me and Ez.

We took a little break to feed Ezra -- and this was our view.  Pretty cool.

Dude.  The elephants.  There's so many elephants.  And babies!  Holy crap, they were adorable.  Here's a shot of two of the cutest little elephant babies you've ever seen...and they're playing :)

As we were making our way down to those amazing elephants, we came a few feet from some roaming wildlife!  These guys just crossed the the owned the place.  Here's Jordan giving Easy-E an up close view.

And here's your up close view ;-)