Friday, August 12, 2011

Yay Turtles!

On Tuesday, we headed down to the Chula Vista Nature Center.  I'd heard some good things about it and found out that they feed the sea turtles at 1:45 everyday...done.

Ezra LOVES turtles.

It's a great little place - set in the middle of a marsh (did you know San Diego even had a marsh??)  Right up front, before you even walk in, was Turtle Lagoon...and this made Ezra a happy kid.  Seriously, we spent almost 10 minutes there before walking in and actually paying admission ;-)

Here's Ez and his new best friends.  They were ridiculously friendly and stayed up at the glass to play.

A bunch of the tanks had some pretty rad, super-colorful, handmade blown glass in them.  It made for some really nice contrast and Ezra seemed to really like all the different colors everywhere.

 Here's Jordan & Ez, through the tank, inside the viewing bubble.  Ezra didn't want to get out of it.

 Checking out some snakes with Dad.  Thats right, Ez.  Tap that glass.  They like it.

He got really excited again when we went outside to the leopard sharks and rays.  Squeals and everything :)

 Here's one of the benches around the shark tank.  Pretty cool.

 And I finally got him to take his eyes off the fish for a second...

 But only for a second...

We made our way up to the observation deck while we waited for the turtle-feeding time.  Here's a little up-close-Ezra...

And this would be a typical way to see Mini-Man these days - finger in the mouth, happily chewing away.  This would also be the last photo I got before my battery crapped out.

So, Ezra had a great time.  He even got a giant turtle puppet from the gift shop to commemorate his first trip there :)