Wednesday, November 9, 2011

13 Months!

I know that I'm writing this post closer to Ezra's 14 month than his 13th month...but the pictures were taken on time!
He was in quite a mood when I first tried to take his picture.  This was a quick fit...

 Then I let him crawl around.  He found my belt and decided to try eating it.  I took the opportunity to snap a photo of a non-fit-throwing Ez.

Then he decided he'd look anywhere except at me...

 These next three must be seen in succession.  He's been striking this pose A LOT lately - like he's asking a question and simply must use hand gestures.

 That last one cracks me up.  My kid, the comic genius ;-)

This is, by far, the best one of the bunch!

More smiles!

Time to read some books...Touch & Feel books have been very popular in our house lately.

 Ezra, workin on his fitness.  Watch out Tony Horton!

So, what has Easy-E been up to this month?

-He pulls up, stands and cruises on everything.  He's walking, with help, all over the place :)
-He can stand, unassisted, for about 20-30 seconds at a time.  He likes to clap for himself when he does it!
-Pulling the dogs' tails, grabbing their fur, and generally harassing them is a favorite past time lately.
-He has been practicing feeding himself!
-Green smoothies are a big hit...Ezra loves his spinach!
-If I'm too slow getting him into the bath, he squeals at me and tries to climb into the tub.  Bath time = Fun time!
-He signs "milk" and "dog" all.the.time.
-He LOVES bananas.
-Touchy-feely books are a big hit - he loves to feel the different textures.
-He smiles & laughs when I play him voicemails from grandparents.
-Climbing the couch like a monkey makes him squeal with delight!
-He may like to "ride" his bike, but he loves to push it.
-Going to the zoo is getting more and more fun - he's been really enjoying looking at the animals and learning to sign their names.  We have SO MUCH FUN together :)
-He's completely enchanting.  He's the most amazing little boy.  Seriously.  And I tell him every single day.