Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's time to come clean

For his birthday, our dear friends Jenna & Travis sent Ezra a cute Elmo t-shirt & a pirate hooded towel.  So now, when he's done playing with his pirate ship in the bath, he can dry off & look like a pirate in his towel :)

Here he is, sporting his shampoo-mohawk & trying to eat the captain of the ship...  

Here's the hawk from the side..  Too bad it's too long to stand up straight anymore.

Aaaarrr, Matey!

Thank you Jenna!

And finally, here's Ezra in his new Pat's PJ's.  My cousin Ashley sent them for his birthday, and though Jordan swore his kid would never touch Patriots gear, he does look rather cute in them :)

Just look at that smile!

Thanks Ashley!