Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas card photo FAIL

We headed over to Ocean Beach to snap a few pictures of Ez to use for cards this year.  It was warm, sunny, and beautiful at our house.  Driving to the beach, we could see the ultra-thick wall of grey...and we were driving directly into it :(  

We had Brodie with us and he got some beach-time, so it wasn't a complete bust.  Here's some of the pictures that we did manage to take, though they won't be making the cut ;-)

 Those beautiful blue eyes...they're unstoppable.

 Me and my EZ.

 He really liked playing in the sand.  A lot.

 And this is just a bonus.  We've driven by this house (duplex?  apartment?) many times, and always mean to take a picture of it.  I know what you're asking yourself, "Is that a soda machine on the front lawn?"  Yep.
I call that, taking-charge-of-your-financial-destiny.

No, but seriously.  They have a working soda machine on the front lawn.  Holy hell.