Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food Strike

Ez has been changing up his eating practices lately.  For a few days, if he couldn't hold it himself, it wasn't getting eaten.  

Here he is with his apple...

This is his "I've got too much apple in ma mouth" face.

I think his strike against anything on a spoon is coming to an end, but we'll see.  There's only so many things he'll eat (and not just throw all over the floor) with his hopefully we can compromise ;-)
The walking is really coming along, too.  He's been going for walks -- pushing his bicycle or stroller -- up and down the block.  It's just too damn cute to see him pushing it himself.  AND, he's infinitely more confident walking in shoes when we're outside now.  Thankfully.
Here's a bonus picture of Ez, in his basket of usual.

And another...asleep on Jordan's shoulder.