Thursday, July 26, 2012

22 Months!

Twenty-two months, people.  22.  Months.  

I wish this kid would slow down!  He's far too close to 2 years old now...and I'm not ready!

Here's some pictures of E-Z-E, to mark his special day...

My boy is turning into such a cool kid.  I'm so freakin proud of him.  Here's a little of what he's up to these days...

-Broccoli and roasted garbanzo beans are two of his current favorite snacks.  
-He's got quite an arm on him...he loves to play catch and is also getting really good at hitting the ball off his tee.  
-He recently acquired some new cooking/food toys and has been having a whole lot of fun "cooking" with them!  He loves to use his spatula to take the cookies off the tray, he uses his little whisk to stir up his veggies in Potsy...he's just so cute :)
-He learns new signs faster than I do.
-Turtles and elephants seem to be his favorite animals right now...I couldn't be happier!  I swear, I had nothing to do with this ;-)
-He is nearly obsessed with babies.  His best buddy has a 4 month old sister, whom Ezra just adores.  He loves to play with her and signs "baby" over and over again.
-Hats are as necessary as oxygen to this kid.
-He will stare and wave at every police car he sees.  LOVES them.
-Motorcycles are right up there with police cars.  He often gets motorcyclists to wave to him, which really makes him happy :)
-He likes to fake-sneeze...but really dramatically.  It's hilarious.
-He's so energetic and smart and funny and sweet.  He's the most amazing little boy and I tell him