Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forgotten Photos

I tend to take a lot of pictures of my kid.  As you can tell.  

This means that I also forget to share them, despite knowing that my mother is just itching for daily documentation of Ezra's life.  

So, here's some pretty random pics.  Some of them have made it to the Facebook realm.  Others were just sitting patiently in iPhoto until I remembered that they existed.  Either way, here ya go.

Mr. Cool at the playground a couple days before we went to know, he had to work on his tan before his big trip ;-)
I'm only kidding.  Really.  He wears sunscreen everyday.  I should buy stock in California Baby.

Climbing the big grassy hill at Petco Park.  It wasn't a game-day, so there were far less people hanging out, but Ez still had a good time watching some kids take batting practice in the kid's field.

A patient who has season tickets to the Padres gave Jordan tickets to a game.  Turns out, we were just a few rows up, directly behind 3rd base.  Pretty sweet.  And as you can tell by this picture, Ez really got into the game (for the first couple innings).  He clapped every time anyone in the crowd clapped and loved to see them hit the ball :)

 Here's Ez during one of our daily super-long walks.  We've been starting at Jordan's office and making our way to Balboa Park after a quick stop at the 6th Ave playground.  Ezra really likes the fountains.

I'm not entirely sure when this was...but I know it was before the trip to Maine.  Either way, this would be photographic evidence of Ezra's first Freebird.  He got a baby-bird, but mostly just wanted the tortilla chips. I know now to ask for them in a separate he doesn't even know they're there ;-)

E-Z-Rider picked out the wheels he wants for his bike...