Thursday, July 19, 2012

Complaint Box...and lots of Ez pictures!

I haven't really done much of anything lately.  We've been to Playtown a few times, done some playgrounds, lots of walks and bike rides, and some indoor playdates.  Nothing too exciting to talk about, but definitely some makes-Ezra-happy-times!  

We are in the middle of a serious tantrum phase.  I'm pretty sure that 75% of his outbursts are hunger-driven, in spite of my constantly offering different foods to him.  He's just not that interested in food.  

Go figure.  

The kid who required round-the-clock-feedings for the first few months of his life due to his weight-gain issues...has a problem with eating enough to keep himself sated and happy.  He can't grasp the idea that eating will make him happy and will cause him to not throw fits and have temper-tantrums...resulting in time-outs.  


To be honest, I hate even having to put him in time-out during these times.  I know why he's upset.  He just refuses to eat.  Not interested.  Especially once he gets into a mood.  The crazy, high-pitched screams, the flailing, the real's all very much what I was warned about regarding the "toddler-years."  My sweet, adorable, considerate, often-too-kind little boy turns into a little monster on a daily basis.  

I know that once he figures out the pattern or, perhaps, once I can begin to force-feed him food - he'll be my sweet little Ezra again.  Mostly, I just relish the happy, smiley times.  And consistently remind myself that it's just a phase and that I'll have my little love back once it's all over :)

Here's my happy little man, at Playtown, going down the slide like the big boy that he is :)

Here he is, looking rather surprised.  He was playing with his friend and just happened to run up to me and this was taken seconds before he began a stream of "Ezra-talk." 

 Ez and his buddy on a walk/bike/firetruck ride through the neighborhood.

 Professor Ezra, at the zoo.

 Ezra, the paleontologist, at the zoo.

 Me and my Mini-Man, checking out my faves, the elephants.

 Easy-E and his buddy, Claire.

Ez, getting his cookin' on.