Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Easy-E and I left San Diego around 10:30 on Halloween morning.  We'd had a pretty rough night of sleep - he was so stuffed up and just uncomfortable trying to breathe through all of that congestion, and I started getting sick overnight as well.  He couldn't inhale through his nose and I couldn't swallow because my throat was swollen...we were quite the pair ;-)  

So, after a quick stop at Peet's (I totally regretted not going back to Papalecco's again for coffee and Ez's egg & cheese croissant), we headed home.  He was pretty content for the first hour.  Then he realized that he was stuck in that damn carseat and was not too pleased.  His cold and his teething pain just got worse and worse.  I tried everything I could to make him comfortable - frozen blueberries (his favorite), his teething tablets, the iPad, his name it, I tried it.  I had to stop twice and getting back on the road was really difficult after taking him out of the car.  
He actually screamed the whole time we were at a rest stop just outside Barstow.  Like, walking around, looking at trucks, in the bathroom....people must've thought I stole him from his mama :(  Poor kid wasn't happy.

We finally made it home by about 3:45.  Much later than I'd anticipated, considering the completely uneventful ride down...but we made it, nonetheless.

As soon as we passed the big inflatable slide at the make-shift pumpkin patch a couple blocks away from our house, he started whining "Sliiiiiidddee!  Slllliiiiddddeee!"  Naturally, after such a horrific ride home, we had to make him happy by taking him to the slide ;-)

Yep, we're suckers when it comes to this kid.

And here he is in his Fireman costume!  He's been wearing it since the day I bought it for him and practicing saying Trick or Treat (tick a tee) with his candy pail.  He's so freaking cute.

To start off, Ez thought it would be easier to just take candy from our house, rather than put in the effort to walk around and collect it from the neighbors ;-)

Once again, getting this kid to look at me for a picture is near impossible...but he's still ridiculously cute in his costume...

Ez started off by trick or treating over at the next door neighbor's house, just to make sure he had his game face on...

He ended up visiting a few houses around us and coming back home to help me pass out candy...which, he loved doing.  So much so that when he woke up the next day, he grabbed the bowl of candy we had on a table, took it to the front door and knocked on the door himself :)  I think he's got himself a job next Halloween (after he collects some candy for me again ;-))