Friday, November 2, 2012

Oma's Pumpkin Patch!

One of the big reasons why Ez and I went back to San Diego was to visit Oma's Pumpkin Patch.  We thought we were starting a tradition last year by going with our friends...and we really wanted to continue it this year.  The kids have a great time, it's got a lot of different things for them to do and has a ton of cute photo ops :)

We arrived a little later than expected, so we had to hop right on to the tractor-pulled hayride.  Since it was so dark already, I didn't get any good pics of that -- but Ezra really enjoyed the cows (despite the overwhelming stink).

Right after the hayride, we made a beeline for the cottonseed hill.  There were a lot of punkish older kids hoarding the saucers, so we got the little ones to roll around and act crazy...thus frightening the punks and causing them to leave their saucers for our kids to play with.  Genius, right?!
Here's me and my E-Z.  I look a little strung-out and he looks a little what?

One of his friends got the crazy-party started with her insane rolling around.  Her folks are going to be pulling cottonseeds out of her clothes and shoes for the next month!

I told him that tiny leprechauns had hidden their gold in the cottonseed...
Just kidding.

Ez, driving a tractor!  Please excuse the couldn't see it but everytime I took a photo, it was clouding the picture :(

You can't really tell here, but this tractor was painted to look like a cow.  Ez really liked this one...probably because it was a huge pain to get him all the way up into the seat :)

By the time I pried him off the tractors, he was pretty pissed at me.  He didn't want to smile at the same time as he was looking at the this is the best I could get...

...And then he got to "milk" the fake cows...which made him happy again.  This kid and milk....

Disregard the Happy Birthday wishes...

Ezra picked out a perfect pumpkin!

Thugs, roughing up the pumpkins...

You can see how my normally happy, smiley kid was just about to hit that "I'm sick and don't want to do this anymore" wall.

But he rallied for a group shot!  That's my boy!

We ended up grabbing a late dinner at the same place we went to last year.  Not because the food was particularly good (it's okay) or the service was phenomenal (they seem to really be annoyed when kids/babies arrive)...but because there really isn't much for options in Lakeside ;-)  They gave us our own room in the restaurant (same one as last year!) and the kids were generally well-behaved, so it was a win.