Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playground Fun!

This poor kid is STILL not 100%.  This stupid, stupid cold that snuck in during his teething is just not letting up.  It's down to a runny-then-kind-of-stuffy-nose and a cough that usually shows up after sleeping or just randomly at night.  Fun.

I'm in the "get the kid out of the house for some fresh air" camp, though, so we've managed a few playground visits during times that I know it'll be pretty empty.  It's also been pretty chilly here, so we've had the opportunity to break out our winter clothes...Yay!  (Seriously, I have coats and sweaters that I've really missed for a few years.)
Here's my Easy-E at our local playground.  He was so happy to be outside, playing :)

We seem to find ourselves heading down to the Strip about once a week...and usually on the weekends.  It just works out that way and also makes for some pretty stellar people-watching.  Holy crap - people wear the craziest things here just because it's Vegas.

Two weeks ago, we met up with Uncle Scotty & Aunt Cheryl - who we haven't seen since our wedding in Jamaica.  They were in town for a couple days, so we had dinner and caught up...and they got to meet Mr. Ezra!  Well, we tried to catch up - it was mostly me chasing Ezra around the restaurant and into the casino while Jordan got to chitchat with them :)  Either way, they're awesome and we're so happy to have been able to see them.

The next weekend (which would be last weekend) we went to Town Square, which is just off the Strip and very reminiscent of some walky-shopping areas in North Texas.  It's got a ton of awesome stores, some restaurants and, surprise! a cute playground in the middle!!  We really didn't expect it to be there, but it made for some good times for E-Man.
Here's Ez up on the stage, getting ready to bow to his adoring fans ;-)

He refused to try the other slides...only going down this one - despite the fact that he would nearly fall off or bust his cute little face each and every time he went down...

He just climbs up ladders by himself now.  What?

The whole playground is a bunch of mini-houses with ladders and steps going up and slides going down.  Even the insides of these houses are set up with fully-set tables, etc.  It's super cute.  Here's Ez and Jordan in the maze!

Ezra has made up his own sign for "fountain."  Actually, I've never looked it up, so he might really be signing it correctly, purely by coincidence....who knows.  Either way, we went to watch the fountains at the Bellagio, upon Ezra's request, and ended up also fulfilling another request...a train ride.

Well, not really a train.  It's a tram.  Between the casinos.  Whatever.

Yep, we intentionally park a little ways away from our destination just so that we have the opportunity to ride a tram.  Suckers.  That's what we are.

Here's me and Ez outside the Aria.  We found these awesome chairs and had to try them out :)

And finally, here's the happiest kid on earth...riding the tram.  It's the little things, folks...the little things...