Saturday, August 28, 2010

37 weeks

It was a blissful 70-something degrees today. Blissful. Breathing was easy to do. I didn't sweat while putting on makeup at 9am. I know it won't last (the evil weatherman said so), but I can enjoy it while it's here. I actually wore jeans this evening. Jeans. Long pants.

Soon enough, we'll be back to mid-seventies all the time for several months and this hot weather will be distant memory that I'll laugh about. Plus, there will be a whole lot less...well, me - which I'm sure will help with the general comfortableness.

I hate to keep making excuses for my hair, but here's another one. These photos are not a good representation of the new haircut. It's flipped out underneath and just not 'done.' I did it really quickly this evening before we headed out to the store, so that's what you get to see. Even with the not-perfect look, I still really like it.

If you're thinking, "Gosh, can she get bigger?"'re not alone. I've seen plenty of people much bigger than myself and also some that are smaller, but I still see these pictures and am surprised by how far the belly really sticks out. Some days I feel HUGE and others, not so much. Either way, the jig is up. I'm pregnant, folks.

If you're wondering, and I know my mother is, the answer is no. No, I'm not any closer to knowing when this kid will come out. The contractions I've had for months now are, of course, getting more noticeable and less comfortable. Trips to the bathroom are naturally getting more frequent (big ups to Spork for head-butting my bladder). Some cramping is happening. All of this leading up to one conclusion. I'm still pregnant.

I'm guessing the kid will be here at some point in the next month. Good? That buys me about 2 weeks after the (somewhat arbitrary) due date. Until then, I'm enjoying leisure reading. And sleeping. A lot. And not changing diapers and quiet and leaving the house at a moments notice. I'm fully aware that these things will become things of my past very soon.