Thursday, December 22, 2011

15 Months!

Easy-E is 15 months old today!

He's got so much going on these days and he's growing SO fast now.  Sometimes when he's laying on me, I look down and simply cannot believe just how big he's gotten.  I think he's actually grown an inch in the past 2 weeks.  Seriously.

So, what is Ezra up to these days?  Well, I'll tell ya!

-He's wearing a wide range of clothing, from 6-12 month shirts to 18 month pants and rompers.  He's all over the place.
-Ez lets me know when he's ready to take his bath.  He'll start saying "Ba! Ba!" around 5 or 6pm and not stop until I let him in the bathroom...where he proceeds to systematically throw each of his bath toys into the tub.
-He's on the verge of running.  He'll take a couple really quick steps before stumbling to the ground.  It's cute, but it's going to give me a heart attack.
-He's back on the green smoothie bandwagon.  He basically attacks me for it.
-Perfectly ripe pears are his most favorite food these days.  And he also loves to snack on his puffs.
-Trips to the zoo are getting to be more and more fun.  He really enjoys looking at the animals now.  His favorites are the tiger, the mountain lion, and the snake turtles.  He laughs uncontrollably when the tiger & mountain lion walk by him - especially the tiger, since he can get so close with the glass.
-He brings me his books when he wants to read.  Favorite?  Noisy Farm.
-Grouping objects is a new favorite activity.
-He still LOVES to climb into the laundry basket the second it hits the ground.  He's a good clothes-folding-helper ;-)
-He's got 2 more top teeth that have broken through and there's 2 bottoms on their way.  This makes a total of 10 above the gum line.
-He waves goodbye, sometimes give high-fives & blows sweet :)
-He's so funny and smart and the most amazing little person I've ever met.  And I tell him every single day.

Here's a couple shots of the boy.  I'll have my camera back by tomorrow evening, so hopefully I'll be able to add some more to know, 15 months + 1 day :)