Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vegas, baby.

So, I have bad news.

Not only am I completely awful at updating lately (blame the incredibly mobile & mischievous Ezra!)...but I'm also without a working camera.

I won't bore you with the details, but I'm down to my iphone for the next couple weeks.  Let's just say that it's ridiculously slow shutter and inability to focus on anything is making picture-taking a bit...tough.  We'll make it through, though ;-)

We made the trek to Vegas last weekend.  Our great friends, Job + Brandi, got married and we were lucky enough to be a part of their celebration.  Ezra wasn't exactly supposed to be in the wedding, but considering his status of "attached-to-my-hip," he managed to walk down the aisle with us both, stand with me during the ceremony and also make it into each picture involving the bridal party.

At least he matched.  He was in black dress pants, grey vest and a tie that completely matched my dress.  Let me just tell you, he was freakin' adorable.  Oh, and brand new black Chuck Taylors.  Yep.

The wedding was great.  Short but perfectly sweet and romantic ceremony, followed by some seriously delicious food and finally finished with dancing in the coolest wine bar ever.  Really.  It was so perfect and awesome.  Totally them.

Oh, and the cake.  The cake was intense, y'all.  Pumpkin, with what I can only think must have been crack-laced cream cheese frosting.  Holy crap, dude.  Best cake ever.  Winner, winner, chicken-dinner.

So, congratulations to the happy couple!  We're SO happy for you...and we had a ton of fun crashing at your house and invading your space for the extra-long weekend :)

Here's some pictures we took.  Or really, Jordan took.  As I mentioned earlier, Ezra is pretty much attached to me again these days.  When he wasn't ON me, he was running amuck, getting into mischief throughout their I was definitely not toting around the camera.

Yes, it's blurry.  Blame Jordan.

It's wrong to have a baby in a bar, yes.  But you can't get funny pictures of your kid unless you break a few rules, right?!

One too many...

Gimme the damn water, Ma!

 He finally ran himself around enough to fall asleep, thanks to some milk & snuggles with Mama.  Here's Mini-Man and Jordan...

 Later, we headed downstairs to the coolest wine bar ever.  This is a shot of their first dance.  They're so damn cute ;-)

Here's Brandi with her father.  Also a super-nice guy.

 Just before the cutting of the most awesome cake ever...

 Here's Ezra at the after-party :)  Really, he's just harassing the poor dog, Holly.  He climbed those damn stairs about a million times.

The next day, we went down to the strip to see the sights.  Here's the only real picture we took.  Ez was a little wild...