Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ezra at the Park...aka, A bunch of videos for The Grandparents

Just a heads up...if you aren't one of The Grandparents, you might not be interested in all of the videos I've posted.  They don't get to see The Kid very often, so I figured I'd post a whole afternoon of video clips.


We went to Balboa Park today to let the boy run around and get his crazy out.  And boy, did he :)

For some reason, he'd never been on a swing before now.  I know, I know.  Deprived child.

He LOVED the swings.  Actually fussed a bit when we took him out to let another kid have a turn.  Once he realized that he was simply moving on to the next awesome playground activity, he was cool.

So, here's the swings....

And a quick picture of a cute kid...

And next, we moved on to the slides.  He was pretty enchanted with a little girl here & Jordan had to take charge and move things along :)

And this would be Jordan & Ez on one of the bigger slides....

Here's a picture of the boy, riding a dinosaur.  He liked it...but not as much as the swing.

Later, we walked over to the carousel, thinking that he might like to ride it.  When we got up to it and realized how fast it goes, we decided we'd wait a little while longer.  Moving on, we walked to the Balboa Park Railroad...and Ez went on his first train ride!  It's so cute and he had such a good time.  Jordan said he was smiling and laughing and looking around the whole time.  Next time, I'm taking the train ride with him and Jordan can take the pictures ;-)

We walked through the local artist village on our way back to the car.  The shops were all closing up, but Ezra didn't care.  It was still decorated for Christmas and he thought it was pretty cool.

And finally, here's a clip of him trying to NOT walk back to the car...instead, he wanted to walk in circles on the lawn of the NAT.  He's nothing if not persistent, folks.